Material DJ Player

Material DJ Player is an Android-only music player that uses material design. This app is a DJ-like music player that reads the album name and song title from the TAG embedded in the MP3 file using the text-to-speech feature installed in Android before playing the music. Therefore, the correct TAG information needs to be set to the MP3 file that you want to play. Depending on your terminal, you may need a network connection to read Japanese. Depending on the text-to-speech engine, you may need to change the TAG to Katakana if you are concerned because reading English words may not be pronounced as expected. The song search is obtained from Android MediaStore, so if you can not find a song, connect it to your PC and USB, and transfer the song from “Transfer Files”. Album Art uses the one embedded in MP3. If it is not embedded, it looks for a JPEG file in the folder of the album and displays it as album art if it is found. From the setting screen, you can set the sleep timer and the text to read the voice. If you put %a in the text, it will be set to read the album name, if you put %t, it will read the song name. Install